BOOM has 5 partners. The consortium is multidisciplinary and includes 4 research partners (LORIA, CEA, IMT-BS, LBNC) and 1 private firm (Syllabs).

LORIA (Laboratoire lOrrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications) UMR 7503, Université de Lorraine.

LORIA lab is a computer science laboratory (UMR 7503 – CNRS, Inria, and Université de Lorraine) with more than 400 researchers grouped in 28 research teams and 5 scientific departments. With 9 ERC winners and 1 IUF, LORIA is devoted to cutting-edge research in computer science and technology. Its research ranges from fundamental topics (algorithms, geometry and complexity, formal methods, etc.) to a variety of application domains (computer graphics and 3D printing, security, big data, collaborative systems, NLP, speech recognition, computational biology, e-learning, CPS & robotics, complex systems, etc). LORIA is also home to several research platforms : High Security Lab, Smart Room, Grid 5000 and recently the CPS & Robotic Creativ’lab. LORIA collaborates with several of the major research institutions in Europe, North Africa, the United States, Japan and all over the world and has high international visibility.

Armelle Brun (Coordinator, PhD HDR), is an associate professor at Université de Lorraine, she works on recommender systems, data mining, explainable algorithms, user privacy and ethics.

Sylvain Castagnos (PhD), is an associate professor at Université de Lorraine, he takes an interest in human factors (diversity, context, memory, explicability, trust, …) within decision making processes and recommender systems.

Geoffray Bonnin (PhD), is an associate professor at Université de Lorraine, he specializes in recommender systems and in user commitment for engaging recommendations.

CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) – LIST LASTI lab.

LIST LASTI (Semantic Analysis for Texts and Images Lab) is composed of 25 researchers and engineers. The scientific challenges addressed by LASTI are twofold: (1) developing efficient and robust textual and heterogeneous content mining algorithms relying on the extraction, classification and semantic analysis of each modality, and (2) developing methods and tools for the construction and the organisation of knowledge needed by the algorithms. The lab applies the developed methods to contexts such as: technological watch, classical and social media analysis and user privacy preservation. This expertise, with a focus on automatic analysis for the news domain, will be exploited in BOOM.

Adrian Popescu (PhD) works on multimedia content analysis, scalable machine learning and online user privacy. He was or is involved in a dozen of European and French projects and has authored 80 publications.

Julien Tourille (PhD) works on information extraction from textual documents. He was involved in several research projects and has published several articles in his domain.

IMT–BS, LITEM, (Institut Mines Telecom – Business School)

Nicolas Soulié (PhD) works on issues related to online privacy concerns and secondary use of personal data disclosed on social media.

LBNC (Laboratoire Biens Normes et Contrats) E.A. 3788, Avignon Université.

LBNC is a multidisciplinary research laboratory on Law, Economic, Political Science and Management. It is a member of both Agor@nTIC and Tersys Research Federations. It includes a research team on Digital Societies and Vote and Democracy.

Christèle Lagier (PhD) is a political sociologist, specialist of Right votes and Populisms. She is developing research on increasing abstention from voting, in collaboration with geographers and IT specialists.


Syllabs (SYL) is a 12 years old company specializing in semantics. Since 2013, it has put the focus of its strategy on the media industry with 3 main offers: (1) archives promotion for media innovation, (2) content aggregation tagging and linking, and (3) robot writers. These offers are based on three types of in-house technologies: (1) Web Mining, (2) Semantic Analysis, (3) Natural Language Generation.

Olivier Hamon (PhD) has been R&D Manager at Syllabs for 5 years. He has participated in many multi-partner Research projects at national and European levels.

Claude de Loupy (PhD) is CEO and cofounder of Syllabs. He is a recognized expert in Semantics (expert for EC) and a startup mentor (elected best mentor by the Paris Founder Institute fall 2012), he has led the R&D group, and now focuses on business development.



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